How to Deal with Money Issues in a Relationship

How to Deal with Money Issues in a Relationship

Almost every couple has at some point or other argued over money. As much as most of us would like to think that money isn’t important – the differences in values that people have when it comes to money can often cause friction.

Maybe you like to be frugal, but your partner likes to splurge? Perhaps the two of you simply have different financial goals?

Whatever the case – you need to learn how to deal with money issues in a relationship, and that can often be easier said than done, unless you are know-how!

Talk About Finances

By sitting down and discussing your finances, you and your partner can open up the lines of communication not just about the current state of your finances, but also your values when it comes to spending money, and the goals that you have.

Discussing these issues is the first step towards understanding each other’s financial habits.

Compromise and Plan Ahead

If both you and your partner find that you have vastly different outlooks when it comes to money – you’re going to have to learn to compromise. This may not be easy, and the situation can very easily become tense, but if the two of you intend to deal with money issues you’re both going to have to give and take.

Once you’ve come to terms with that, you can plan ahead. Set mutual financial goals that you both share and work towards them. This could be things like saving up for your own house, car, children’s education, and so on.

Maintain Separate Accounts

While this may not seem pleasant – in some cases where the two of you really cannot agree on a mutual financial system, you might have to just maintain separate accounts. That way you both can manage your own cash however you see fit.

As much as you two may have your individual accounts though, you can still create shared household accounts that you both contribute to for household expenses, and even other shared savings accounts for your children’s education and so on.

Some couples use shared accounts as a method of preventing or identifying financial infidelity in the relationship. If you suspect your partner of being unfaithful to you, on the other hand, visit Are You Cheating.

Keep in mind that the two of you are a team, and as partners in a relationship you do share common ground. Extend that understanding to your money issues and you’ll find that whatever problems you are facing really isn’t that big.

Compromise, work together, and plan for the future and both you and your partner should be able to overcome the financial hurdles in front of you.

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