Acupuncture for Depression

Acupuncture for Depression

In today’s fast-paced world, many people are too busy concentrating on their working lives and spending hours at the office in stressful surroundings. Sleep becomes restless, and to add to that, many do not pay enough attention to their emotional and physical being. All these factors can lead to depression.

Depression is a known and much-researched mood disorder that is classified by both physical and psychological indications. These two elements can be damaging to one’s normal day-to-day functioning. People who are depressed often are traumatized by terrible sleeping habits, (insomnia) unexplained crying episodes, anxiety, constant worry, terrible memory, incapable to focus, physical aches and pains, and completely uninterested in the outside world. In incidents that are considered extreme, individuals feel a sense of hopelessness, and visions of suicide become everyday thoughts.

Contemporary medicine normally medicates depression with forms of psychotherapy and combined with anti-depressant drugs. In the United States, the DSM-IV is the primary diagnostic apparatus utilized to carefully classify psychological disorders. DSM-IV is used prominently in the prognosis and diagnosis for depression treatment.

A fresh new study conducted by the University of Arizona has ascertained that acupuncture might just be the alternative answer to habit-forming anti-depressant drugs. This research is especially more targeted for women, as they are more prone to depression. Depression is actually more common than people think, and in the United States, it is among the top ten medical conditions diagnosed. Reports show that half the people who seek help via psychotherapy and treatment tend to not complete the course. The ones who do get better will eventually suffer a relapse within the year. This indicates that alternative methods may be able to assist in decreasing or curing depression.

The research conducted by Arizona University utilized 38 women volunteers who have all been diagnosed with mild to average depression. Acupuncture treatments were rendered utilizing the modus operandi of traditional Chinese medicine, each treatment specifically tailored according to the severity of the condition. These volunteers were treated twice a week for one month and followed by once a week for the second month, which totaled twelve consistent sessions.

After the twelve sessions ended, 70% of the volunteers reported an average of 50% reduction of symptoms. This result is compared to those acquired through seeking modern medicine and treatment. This is a crucial study because it is the first one that was conducted in random, controlled, and double-blinded research of acupuncture’s healing properties, which was subsequently published in Western medical journals.

Depression is a condition experienced by almost everyone at some point in their lives. Usually, the cases are mild and can be controlled. In moderate cases, help can be obtained by counseling. For severe conditions, doctors would prescribe anti-depressants and psychotherapy. For some, this method produces results and they can once again lead normal lives. For those who have tried everything and still wake up sad and for no apparent reason, then acupuncture may just be the ideal treatment. Results are not instantaneous, but if the procedure is followed through from beginning till the end, depression levels will decrease.

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