About Me

Hi, I’m the Joyful Journey Mom and this blog is my labor of love. It started out as our adoption journal blog and over the last four years it has morphed into a blog about special needs, adoption and all my favorite things. My husband and I have been married for 21 years and together we have 6 children by birth and adoption. We have children with invisible disabilities and visible differences. Our daughter has a genetic disorder that we strive to learn more about and our youngest daughter has spinal cord tumors. Regardless of how our family has come together or the different abilities, my hope is that you see a family and lots of love.

I am passionate about orphan care, advocating for children with special needs and making our world as inclusive as humanly possible. I love to travel with my family and making memories over buying stuff. We have focused on simple living, buying fair trade when possible and finding ways to raise compassionate children.

I contribute at the Firefly Garden regularly and I have also been featured onThe Huffington Post,  The Mighty, Scary Mommy and Sparrow Fund blog.  I also participate in various projects You are welcomed to share my writing or pictures as long as you link back here and give proper credit.

I love receiving emails and comments on my blog, especially if you need resources for adoption or special needs. You can reach me at angie{at}joyfuljourneymom{dot} com