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Technique: Shaping Dough Balls

One of the burning questions that probably keep you up at night is: why do pizza bakers shape their dough into balls prior to stretching, topping and baking?


Above all, it’s much easier to fashion a round crust from a round ball of dough than from anything else. But even apart from that, it makes sense to have a point in your process where you measure out the exact amount of dough you want to use, and “package” it for the final stretching / baking step. This step is a transition from the dough making phase to the baking phase. You can clean up the dough mess, put away the dough making tools, and start prepping the oven and toppings. And if you are making pizza for guests, or are guest at someone else’s house where you bake (always preferable to bringing already-baked pies and use a Californo mobile pizza oven), this is a good place to stop before you let your guests arrive or before you travel. Make the balls, store them in a container, and stretch/top/bake later.


It is during this step that you decide how big you want your pizza to be (not during stretching), by measuring out the appropriate amount of dough. And yes, it absolutely makes sense to accurately measure the dough by weight, instead of eyeballing it. If you want, you can skip the weighing, but your crusts might end up varying more than you will like. Weighing will ensure you can turn out crusts of a consistent size and thickness (and consequently, baking qualities for a perfect crust). Baking constant size pies is also nice because you can make them fit exactly to your baking pans / screens and serveware (for instance, everything I own is made for 14″ pies).


I suppose there are many ways to shape a dough ball, and I’m showing here just one way to do it. I use a combination of pulling & folding movements to make the dough come together in a round ball shape. At first the ball will be on its back, but around halfway through I flip it over, then finish up by folding / tucking under more dough to get the shape really nice and round. Be firm and swift, but work with the dough, not against it. You want to try and handle it gently, so you don’t knock all the air out of it.


1 kg of room temperature dough, enough for two pizzas (which is why I cut it in two pieces first). This is not fridge dough but a faster, non-refrigerated dough (you’ll have to watch the full video to see the exact recipe :), but when I do use fridge dough (and I do most of the time), I usually use 500-540 grams of it for a 14″ pizza. I use scissors and a scale to measure out the amount I need from my dough bucket:


When the dough balls are done, they are allowed to rest again before baking. If you will bake soon (say, within 15 minutes to an hour), you can do the same as I do in the video, and wrap the balls in a well floured kitchen towel. If you don’t plan on baking them very soon, you can keep them in an oiled container in the fridge, so you can bake at a later time (this is what pizzerias usually do). Ideally, you should let refrigerated dough come fully to room temperature prior to shaping (ie. wait 1 – 2 hours), but this is not strictly necessary. Just keep in mind that the cooler the dough, the harder it will push back against your shaping efforts. A room temperature dough, on the other hand, will be supple and easy to shape.

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her Birthday, Anniversary and Other Days

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her Birthday, Anniversary and Other Days

There has always been a fascinating relationship between women and jewelry. Across time spans, across geographies, and across cultures, this fascination has remained unchanged. Jewelry for women is one of the finest, time-tested gift ideas that can almost never go wrong.

These gifts are available in all kinds of price range to suit anyone’s budget. From funky fashion jewelry to exotic and rare diamonds, pearls, and gemstones, there are countless jewelry gift ideas for her.

Pre-Engagement Ring and Bridal Jewelry

One of the most wonderful gifts for a longtime girlfriend can be a pre-engagement ring. This is a symbol of the man’s unwavering commitment to marriage, and an expression of his pure love for the woman.

As the wedding nears, the lady will need bridal jewelry, the most special gift that a woman can expect to receive from her fiancé. The value of the jewelry may depend on the affordability of the person, but the sentiment behind it is very special. A wedding ring, for instance, is probably the most precious gift that any woman can ever expect to receive from her man.

Jewelry Gifts for Bridesmaids

An absolutely thoughtful and gracious gesture can be to buy a special piece of jewelry for the bridesmaid as well. It can not only honor the bridesmaid, but it can also touch the bride’s heart, and add a wonderful feeling to the whole occasion.

Jewelry Gift for Her Birthday

It is difficult to go wrong with the choice of a birthday gift for her when it comes to jewelry. It could be jewelry for the wife, girlfriend, sister, mother or daughter, but in every case it makes for an equally special birthday gift. 


Teen Jewelry Gifts

Pierced and non-pierced earrings, anklets, toe rings, bracelets, or junk jewelry make a wonderful gift for teenage girls and daughters. Sometimes parents also like to gift a promise ring to their daughter on a special day, such as her 16th birthday.

A promise ring symbolizes a personal bonding between the parents and the daughter, and usually extracts a promise from the daughter to uphold their values and advice. Jewelry for prom is also a great gift idea for a teenage girl.

Popular Jewelry Gifts for Women

Some of the most popular jewelry gift ideas for women include gold chains, diamond pendants, earrings in diamonds or gemstones, pretty baubles, bracelets, and hair accessories. Jewelry gift boxes are also quite popular presents for women. Whether it is jewelry gifts for a girlfriend or a Thanksgiving or Mother’s Day jewelry gift, the idea gets appreciated for all women in all age groups.

Jewelry Gifts for Anniversary, Graduation Day, Valentine’s Day

Certain days are very special in a woman’s life. Her wedding anniversary, graduation day, and the Valentine’s Day mean a lot to her. A gift of jewelry can be the best way to make her occasion very special and memorable for the rest of her life. 


If you want to check more options for a perfect romantic gift, click here.

Teeth whitening: the best way to get a better smile

Teeth whitening: the best way to get a better smile

Tooth whitening can have a few side effects and may be limited in its effectiveness. Sensitive teeth and gum irritation are the most common side effects from tooth whitening treatments. If you have a mouth tray that does not fit the right way, then that could be why your gums are irritated. At the start of your whitening procedure is when your teeth are the most sensitive.


If you are dealing with these side effects, you can get rid of them if you do these things.

– If you are utilizing a tray, you might want to use it less frequently or reduce the amount of time it is used. The outcome will be the same, just not as fast. – Stop using it for a couple of days and then restart the treatments. – A toothpaste intended for teeth that are sensitive is another option you can try. Potassium nitrate works to soothe the tooth’s nerve endings and is added to these types of toothpastes. – Your dentist can give you products which contain fluoride to protect your teeth and replace the minerals. The product needs to be used both before and after the whitening treatments. You can learn more about this from your dentist or consulting Whitening Station. – Irritation of the gums can be helped with over the counter products.


Some individuals’ mouths are more sensitive than others. Minor tooth sensitivity and gum irritation is experienced by roughly half the people who try teeth whitening products.


Composite Fillings, Crowns and Veneers

Teeth whitening is not recommended for people with crowns, veneers or composite fillings. In truth, unless you get a new crown or veneer, you could find yourself having teeth that are different colors. It is suggested that you get all composite work done on your teeth before any whitening work commences. Otherwise you will have to have it redone.


Gum Disease, Cavities or Worn Tooth Enamel

 Teeth whitening bleach is not recommended for those who have any of these conditions.


Tetracycline Staining

If you have quite a bit of staining on your teeth from tetracycline, it’s possible you won’t see a major difference after using teeth bleaching. However, you will see some improvement after an extended period of time.



 It is suggested that children under 16 years of age not try tooth whitening procedures. At this age, the nerves are enlarged and teeth are still growing. It’s possible that teeth whitening can cause sensitivity and damage.



Tooth whitening is not recommended for pregnant women or those who are lactating. If a pregnant woman swallows even a tiny amount of whitening bleach, her fetus may be harmed.



It goes without saying that you shouldn’t use a tooth whitening product if you have an allergy to peroxide.


There are people who expect that their teeth will be glowingly white after just one whitening treatment. They may be in for a disappointment. The whitening method used, the condition of the teeth, and the person’s genetics will factor into the results. Also, remember that the whitening is only temporary. With some luck, you may not need another treatment for at least a year. To know more about healthy teeth whitening, click here.